Day 4: How to Market a Book

For the last three years, I have been a member of the Regional Chamber of Commerce (Attleboro – Franklin) in Massachusetts. As part of the Network Group, we get to present our business to the group. Wednesday, July 16, I will present my book, When Panda Was a Boy: a Collection of Stories on Gender for K-8. This will be one of my not-so-virtual appearances.

These are my trusted friends, advisers,  and colleagues. I presented my quilts to this group as a business challenge. Once the book is done and out…what do I do with the quilts? Their answers were interesting! But that’s not what my talk is about…

For this group of marketing-minded people, I presented How to Market a Book.

Marketing a Book like marketing any other Product needs to be marketed so you get in front of your audience – your buyers. For books, you are looking for the demographic of who is going to buy this book. My target audience is GLBTQ kids (K-8) and Parents of GLBTQ kids and teens.

The best way to reach this audience is to do a Virtual Book Tour (VBT), which means exactly that: take a tour in the virtual world. This requires some places to visit, of course. Prime real estate online is Blogs! Find the blogs that are on the keywords, visit them, get to know the blog owners ,and then ask to be a Guest Blogger.

My tour began with a Guest Blog spot on an author friend’s Blog who runs a Parenting Blog to help parents discuss some difficult issues. GLBTQ issues definitely fit into her blog.

My Day 2 was to be interviewed by Domenic Cotoia at AM 1320 or

My Day 3 was to talk about what a VBT was to my Writers’ Lunch Bunch group.

Day 4 on my VBT hasn’t happened at the point when I am writing this blog…and I’m not totally scheduled with firm dates for many of my next stops. Check back on my EVENTS page to follow my VBT!



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