Day 7: How Diversity and Acceptance Can Make Our World and Families Happier

Today, I am on and also a Guest Blogger on I am being interviewed by Lucinda Curran. We will be live at 8 p.m. EDT in US  on Wed. 07/23/2014 and live in Australia on Thursday at  10 a.m. in Melbourne, Australia! We will be speaking on two different days at the same time! Cool!

My title: How Diversity and Acceptance Can Make Our World and Families Happier is not a pipe dream. It is achievable, but a lot of work has to happen to achieve this! For starters, we ALL have to choose to accept every person for who THEY are. It’s hard to imagine when on the news Israel and Palestine are in a huge conflict; and the Ukraine is fighting within its borders and has now shot down a passenger airplane. No one is happy with Ukraine at the moment. The fighting in Iraq is still going on; and Afghanistan is still not the country of peace its neighbors like Pakistan would like it to be. None of that has anything to do with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans (transgender, transsexual, or gender neutral), or questioning; however, what is war? Is it not hate crimes?

Sometimes it’s about one religion vs another. Other times it is about one ethnic group against another. Yet other times, it is about gender and gender identity. Let us try to begin making the world and our families a better place through accepting the people around us.

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