Day 3: Writers’ Lunch Bunch

On Tuesday, July 15. I will be doing a presentation to the Writers’ Lunch Bunch on my new book, When Panda Was a Boy: a Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8. Since this is a Writer’s group, I will be discussing what a Virtual Book Tour (VBT) is and how they, too, can take their books on a VBT! This will be one of my not-so-virtual stops on my VBT.

A Virtual Boot Tour is exactly what it sounds like: a virtual tour to promote my book. Basically, I’ll be visiting other people’s blogs, being interviewed on radio, internet radio, teleseminars, etc. Each place is an opportunity to get in front of people who will want to buy your book.

To find opportunities you can first peruse your friends for blogs that would make sense for you to visit…in other words, their blog will get you in front of your target audience. Sometimes, you visit blogs that might potentially have some audience, but are strategic for your business as a whole. For example, I might appear on blogs that talk about writing, which doesn’t get me in front of an exact audience to sell my book, but there may be some…and I promote my writing business just by being posted there, especially, if where you a visiting might have a larger profile than you have!

To find opportunities beyond your friends, go to Google Alerts and put i an alert for any blogs that match your keywords. For example, with my book, my key words were parents, GLBTQ, GLBTQ Issues, Parents of GLBTQ.

Suffice it to say, where ever you canĀ  travel to, you will! Be prepared!

Prepare a Speaking Kit and a Media Kit.

A Speaking Kit will contain:

  • a 100-word bio with one or two links to your Website and Book;
  • a more full bio for informational purposes or in hopes that they will be willing to print more about you on their Website;
  • a Photo of you;
  • a Graphic of your Book Cover; and
  • a list of 8 to 10 questions you would like for them to ask.

A Media Kit will contain:

  • a bio on letterhead;
  • a Photo of you;
  • a Graphic of your Book Cover; and
  • a Press Release about you and your book.

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