Day 12: Authorpreneurs

Panda- CoverAug  22 – Day 12, appeared on Radio Entrepreneurs (  The idea of Authorpreneurs is not a widespread term. It means you are an author and an entrepreneur, so the term “Authorpreneur” is used to describe you.

0001There are several processes that an author must do to publish a book. First, you have the writing process, which most people understand: it is simply putting all those words into a document arranged in sentences and paragraphs either imparting some wisdom or entertaining us with fiction.

0002The second process is to get the manuscript edited. The cost here is usually about $55/hour. Some professional editors charge by the page rather than the hour. This process might take about 2 to 3 weeks, at the most.

0003The third process is the formatting or Book Design, This can take the longest time, depending on a lot of variables, such as trim size, page length, complication of design.

The fourth process is the publishing 0007process, and it is usually the shortest process, because now the on-demand-printer/publishers can print from your .pdf. So within a matter of hours, your book can appear on, which is the largest distribution center!

0009The fifth process is marketing. Without marketing, your book ends up no where! This interview was part of a Virtual Book Tour (VBT) for When Panda Was a Boy: a Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8. The quilts (some of these quilts are pictured on this page) brought to the interview were what illustrated this book.

To listen to the interview done at, click below:







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