Day 10: As an Author

Thank you Lillian and Dave for hosting me for this guest post!

Today, August 9, I’m visiting the Brummet’s Conscious Discussion Blog Site Dave and Lillian Brummet have been writing professionally as a team since 1990. They started out as freelance writers, and continue to do so. They’ve also co-authored five books, as well as write this Conscious Discussion Blog, which discusses living green and other topics that help living better. They also often features book authors that are trying to improve the world. While my book deals with gender and not living green, they chose to host my post!

This Guest Post deals with me, as an author. I’ve written a lot about¬†When Panda Was a Boy: a Collection of Stories on Gender Identity for K-8 from many different points of view, but today’s post is an interview with me, the author,¬† answering such questions as: “When Did I First Begin to Feel Like a Writer?” It allowed me to think all the way back to high school when I got my first poem published.

It’s sort of funny, because I really wanted to major in English when I went to college, but my father insisted that I get something that would help me be employed…like a secretarial degree. I guess I’m dating myself now, because I think now the skills fall under administrative assistant or executive assistant. At any rate, that’s what I did: I got a certificate in secretarial and accounting. I wasn’t that good at either. Fortunately for me, I ended up at a programming company not too long after graduation. I did keypunch, which punched holes in a cardstock card. It took a whole stack of the cards to run a program…Wow! Have we come a long way or what?

I spent about 30 years as a freelance writer myself, writing for technology and computer publications. I even won an award for my work with small and home-based businesses from the Small Business Administration. That seems like an awful long time ago!

When the bottom fell out of the publications’ market due to fewer advertisements after 9-11, I realized that I couldn’t continue to freelance. All my jobs just dried up. So I had several volunteer years – like maybe 15-20 years – invested in religious education. So I ended up with a new career that took me from Texas to the East Coast. Now I live in Massachusetts!

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