When Panda Was a Boy: a Collection of
Stories on Gender Identity for K-8

Panda- Cover

When Panda Was a Boy is a collection of stories on Gender Issues, such as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual and Questioning. The stories are meant for K-8. Each story is clearly labeled for the appropriate age group.


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In When Panda Was a Boy, Grandma has come to visit. Grandma wants to have a tea party. She is wearing her tea-party hat, but Lisa clearly is not interested. She wants to go out with Panda and jump into mud puddles. And when Grandma suggests that she play indoors and wear a pink frilly dress, Lisa makes it clear that she wants to be a boy. She wants to wear comfortable clothes like t-shirts and jeans.


In Amara’s Birthday Request, Amara asks for a boy part for her birthday. It seems that her friend, Kamal, tells her that she cannot go sailing, because she’s a girl. Mom assures her that girls can do anything boys do, if they choose.


In Drew and Lester, the two boys are neighbors and best friends. They love to dance and do acting. They also play soccer, but their love is clearly dance. When the boys grow up, they become Life Partners.


Other stories include: A Boy Named Sue, Brazos Dances, Charlie Is a Girl, and others.

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